Career Development:

The Bachelor degree in Shipping and Maritime Science therefore aims to train competent professionals in these areas, capable of excelling in their efforts to address current and future challenges and of driving the sector forward by establishing new professional profiles, creating new companies and generating employment. A wide range of career paths is open to graduates. The main areas in which they will find employment in a wide variety of domains ranging from Nautical Science/Engineering Merchant Navy (graduates will have the qualifications for the rank of captain) to Freight management in Commercial Shipping to Environmental protection and management projects to utilizing sea-resources for the development of the country. Generic Competencies that the graduates will acquire from this program are the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainability and social commitment, knowledge for future development, teamwork and proper use of information resources for the development in national and international Markets.

The Shipping and Maritime Science (SMS) department is specialized in preparing the students with the applied knowledge required by the Shipping and Maritime industry. Its main aim is to provide its graduates a blend of applied courses much needed to pursue careers in port management, shipping company operations, shipping commerce and other related industries. A Bachelor degree earned in Shipping and Maritime Science will further enable a candidate to compete for working in various port, Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam and will also open the endless opportunities for pursuing advanced university degrees (Masters, PhD) in a wide array of related maritime fields at home and abroad.