Program Outcome

Program Outcome:

Knowledge acquisition and application: An ability to acquire and apply knowledge of mathematical foundations, navigational planning and ship design, engineering tools, maritime administration, search-and-rescue operation, salvage operation, risk and accident analysis, environmental management, marine motors and marine propulsion.

Navigational Planning and Management:

An ability to make navigational planning and management taking into account factors such as safety, environmental protection. meteorological data and ocean conditions;

Analyzing problems and finding solutions:

An ability to analyze real world problems in voyage planning, bridge watch, maneuvering, falling of auxiliary machinery operation, ship's dynamic responses, and pollution prevention.

Using advanced Security Management Tools and Techniques:

An ability to design and implement security management system Andon-board safety in emergency situations including the activation of suitable response mechanism using advanced modern tools and techniques;

Teamwork and leadership:

An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal as well as to lead the team from front including the capability of leading and managing projects and human teams in maritime activities.


An understanding, of professional, ethical, legal, security, healthcare and social issues and responsibilities;


An ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences including as an inspection manager in the maritime administration;

Evaluating the impacts:

An ability to evaluate the local and global impact of maritime industries on individuals, organizations, and society;

Professional development:

Recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in continuing professional development;

Discussion and negotiation;

An ability to engage in discussions to reach to an agreement through clever negotiations;


An ability to innovate new ideas to facilitate advancement in the global technology;


An ability to present something in an impressive way without losing the clarity of the subject matter;

Contribute beyond professional careers:

A broad education necessary to contribute effectively beyond their professional careers;