The Department of Shipping and Maritime Science at Canadian University of Bangladesh offers a Four-Year Bachelor with Honours Degree. Department of Shipping and Maritime Science of Canadian University of Bangladesh applies tutorial-based education under the approval of UGC and the Bangladesh Government. This department is specialized in preparing the students with the applied knowledge required by the Shipping and Maritime industry. The undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science in shipping and Maritime Science is designed to provide both the basic academic and technological training and the specialized knowledge that professionals in the sector need, as well as offering the degree of learning flexibility that today's society demands. Students will receive training as scientists, engineers and seafarers, acquiring skills profiles that satisfy the demands of the national and international maritime transport markets.

Message From Head:

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Shipping and Maritime Science (SMS) at the Canadian University of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is among the largest and most innovative shipping nations in the world. The maritime industry is very strong in Bangladesh and provides the basis for maritime competence worldwide, as well as opportunities for innovation and strengthening of a key industry both at sea and in land-based positions. The program offers two alternative specializations, one Nautical and one Engineering. The program focuses on key challenges and issues within the maritime industry. Some courses focus exclusively on the maritime industry, while other course units are more generic. The program also covers management and leadership skills. The program is designed to provide a broad understanding of topics that are specifically related to the maritime industry.

Here we have a dream, that is to make the department as one of the best in this area in terms of providing true industry-based knowledge, outstanding research excellence and preparing students for real life world. Our courses are UGC approved and structured in such a way to guide the student competent in the world.

With best wishes,
Jakir Hosain, Senior Lecturer
Deaprtment of Shipping and Maritime Science,
School of Science & Engineering
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh